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A little bit about me ;)

JewNana, because being Jewish doesn’t mean being boring! ;)

Hi there. My name is Janine Anbinder. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
and raised by my father there.
I had a beautiful Bat Mitzvah growing up in Rio. At 18, I decided to move to Israel.
I had the opportunity to see that in such a small country, there were so many different Jewish cultures including Ashkenazy, Sephardic,
religious, secular, and half-Jewish. 
One of the first obstacles that I had to overcome was my NAME!
I had no idea that my name could be such a problem. Everywhere
I went, people would ask me: "do you know what janana means?" (Crazy in
arabic slang), or they would say "Janine from Janin" (very conflicted area in
When I called my friends from Brazil, they would ask me "are you
allowed to wear a bikini in Israel?",
"are you allowed to work?",  "do you need to wear a wig?", "isn't it dangerous
to live in Israel?", "do you speak Jewish?" (I do speak Hebrew now), "Do you speak Arabic?".
All these questions made me laugh, because they had no idea how
the Jewish life really is!
This is why I decided to create Jewnana! My goal is to show people that
being Jewish doesn't mean being boring! Being Jewish is Awesome!

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